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The Online Norwegian courses, levels A1/A2, B1, B2 with individual tuition.
One-to-One foreign language courses. Online Courses (Norwegian, German, Russian, English).

The Online Norwegian courses, levels A1/A2, B1, B2 with individual tuition

Irina Language Services offers Norwegian language courses at three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced level according to the European Framework for Languages.
The Online Norwegian courses, levels A1\A2, B1 or B2\C make use of the digital learning platform "NorskPluss" with textbooks (learning resources), written and oral exercises. The Student Work page shows the current status of students’ work. You will be given access to a wide selection of resources to help you learn the language, including pronunciation practice and interactive tasks. Each course consists of unlimited number of hours of self-study, feedback on written submissions and 6 hours (45 minutes) online meetings via Skype\Zoom or telephone with your teacher.
NorskPluss is the course for adults with little or no prior knowledge of Norwegian, who want to learn Norwegian in a flexible way with a combination of individual study and online sessions with a teacher.
This course consists of:

Irina Language services have experienced teachers. They have approved teacher's education and teach in their mother tongue or they have solid expertise in Norwegian as a second language.

Price: Each Online Norwegian course A1 / A2, B1 or B2 - NOK 2250

Access to the NorskPluss A1\A2, B1 or B2\C1 (textbook, license) for 3 months
6 individual online meetings with the teacher (45 minutes))
Written submissions with feedback from your teacher
The starting dates of the course: you set the start date self
Time: 8 - 22
You can find selected chapters from Norwegian Plus Academy here:

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One-to-One foreign language courses. Online Courses (Norwegian, German, Russian, English).

The advantages of learning a foreign language online via Skype/Zoom:

Our online private courses:

Online private lessons with class curriculum (all languages, all levels):
Your personal teacher creates an effective lesson plan for you, recommends exercises, texts and other resources for language learning. You also receive individual assessments on the subjects of grammar and pronunciation. It is a perfect way to learn and improve all language skills.
Whether you want to learn language for work or family reasons, or take an exam, we will tailor a language course to you.
Our prices:

Online private lessons/conversation course (all languages; B1, B2).
You can choose this course, if you can read and write foreign language well but find it difficult to speak foreign language fluently. These are practical lessons intended to improve conversational ability, pronunciation, and grammar in daily conversation.
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Don't forget that we have best prices for private lessons from 240 NOK per lesson (45 minutes). The more hours you buy, the less you pay!
Lessons can be taken whenever you want during a one year period.
You can take the same course together with your partner or friend, etc, as long as you are at the same level.

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